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Pro-life Super Grape 150 capsules

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Pro-life Super Grape is made from seeds of grapes (vitis vinifera).

Delivers high levels of polyphenolic content, including OPCs (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins), which are powerful antioxidants that protect the body against free radical damage and oxidative stress.

OPCs help maintain blood vessels integrity and circulation, as well as support healthy vision and cardiovascular system.

Super Grape is a concentrated source of natural grape seed antioxidants.

Antioxidants are our defence against damaging free radicals. Free radicals may occur due to exposure to UV radiation, pollution, poor diet, stress and smoking.

OPCs support skin hydration and anti-inflammatory response to maintain radiant skin.

Grape seed antioxidants aid normal vision function. Antioxidants are important for eye health to prevent free radical damage to the sensitive blood vessels of the eyes.

Grape seed antioxidants support the structure and function of the blood vessels. Free radicals can damage the walls of blood vessels, leading to insufficient circulation and poor oxygenation of surrounding tissues.

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