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Nutralife Bilberry 10,000 + Lutein Complex Tablets 30

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Bilberry 10,000 plus Lutein Complex is a plant-based antioxidant combination providing the important nutrient lutein, plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids and is formulated to assist visual function, help relieve eyestrain and tired eyes.

Beneficial for:

*  Eye strain
    * Tired eyes
    * Aging
Key features:

    1.  High strength antioxidant formula specifically for healthy eyes
   2. Contains key eye ingredients including Bilberry, Lutein and Eyebright
   3. Helpful for visual fatigue, eye strain, night vision, sensitive to glare and fine detail work

   * AssistsVisual function

* May be useful for fine detail work, visual fatigue, eye strain, night vision and glare sensitivity

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