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Natures Sunshine JP - X Capsules 100

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Nature's Sunshine JP-X contains juniper and parsley plus five other herbs to nutritionally support the reproductive and digestive functions of the body. It also helps to support the kidneys and bladder.

Originally designed as a male tonic to restore sexual function, this combination acts as a diuretic focusing much of its action on the bladder and kidneys. However, JP-X contains herbs that fight most genito-urinary infection. In fact, JP-X contains herbs which stimulate the production of digestive fluids to improve digestion and liver function.

It helps cleanse, heal and normalise the kidneys, bladder and urinary passages therefore enhancing the body`s detoxifying function. Particularly good for infections of the kidney and bladder. The herbs increase the flow of urine, shrink inflamed tissues, are antiseptic, increase the production of digestive fluids and enzymes, and increase blood circulation. Contains juniper and parsley combined with five additional herbs to nutritionally support the reproductive, digestive and detoxifying functions of the body.

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