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Natures Nurse Lice Lather Treatment Shampoo 100ml

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Unfortunately we cannot supply this product-The supplier thought our prices were too low and stopped supply. 

Forget time consuming, messy treatments- Lice Lather is a fast and easy 5 minute shampoo, followed by a wet comb with our excellent Lice Comb or a quick preventative spray.

The 100% plant extracts are tough on head lice and nits, but really gentle on your precious family.

No nasty odours – just the fresh aroma of mint and essential oils. Kids and parents love the smell.

Your child’s hair and scalp will be left shining and clean, and lice free!

Compare the savings - great value with 10 to 20 treatments per tube of Lice Lather Treatment Shampoo or dozens of spritzes of Lice Lather Preventative Spray

Use regularly and help keep your family free of headlice all year round.

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