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Clinicians Immune Support Spray 150ml

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Keep your immune system in balance and support optimal health all year round with Clinicians Immune Support Spray.

Immune Support Spray Features

PRP’s in Clinicians Immune Support Spray are scientifically validated and there is a wealth of research to support their use

Clinicians Clinicians Immune Support Spray is the only colostrum-based product that is sprayed directly into the mouth allowing for quick and easy delivery of PRP's and is especially good for use with small children

The PRP's in Clinicians Immune Support Spray are very small and easily absorbed, they are derived from bovine colostrum and are identical in structure to human PRP’s

Available in a handy travel size, so if you start feeling unwell you can spray immediately

Quick onset of action (30 minutes)

Pleasant vanilla taste aids compliance especially in children

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