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Clinicians Bee Propolis 3300mg Capsules 250

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Clinicians Bee Propolis is a high strength formula, which is particularly suited to providing support for the immune system, joint and muscle health.

Propolis has also been trialled to provide support for the skin by providing skin healing properties and is also great for general well-being.

Propolis or “bee glue” is a dark coloured, sticky material that bees collect from plants.Bees use this to blend with wax and use for the construction of their hives.

Propolis has over 160 constituents which provide the biological and immune enhancing properties that propolis is renowned for .

Scientific studies have proven that Propolis flavanoids possess an antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antioxidant activity.

This product is in a convenient 1 or 2 capsule daily doseage.

Bee propolis may be recommended to:

  • People who get regular infections, including mouth ulcers.
  • Those who have a poor immune function.
  • People who are recovering form surgery or illness,where help to overcome infections is required.
  • The whole family for added protection against infection and to provide support for every day health and well being.

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Clinicians Bee Propolis 3300mg Capsules 250

I always have propolis supplement for many years for my health and the current sale price I simply can't resist! One of the competitive price for the quality.