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Scar Heal Caesarian Section Scar Healing Kit

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Scar Fx® and Scar Esthetique® work in combination to optimise the appearance of your skin after C-Section. There are over 50 studies proving the efficacy of Silicone Gel Sheeting. Scar Fx® is a cinically proven product to help reduce your scars. Scar Fx® is effective on surgical scars such as those caused by Caesarian Section.

Scar Fx® is a non-surgical, low-cost approach to soften and smooth your scar. Scar Fx® neutralises the scar's colour and works to flatten raised scars. It is easy to use. Scar Fx® is medical grade, adhering silicone that is soft, pliable and contours easily to any part of the body. Scar Fx® should be worn 8-12 hours daily over your scar.

Scar Esthetique® contains 23 proven ingredients to enhance scar treatment. Apply Scar Esthetique® when Scar Fx® is not being worn. Clinically proven effective to reduce your scar without surgery.

The kit includes:
  • 1x Scar Fx 3.75cm x 22.5cm
  • 1x Scar Esthetique 60ml

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