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Nutralife Valerian Complex 2000 Tablets 60

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Beneficial for:

*  Relaxation
    * Trouble getting to sleep
    * Disrupted sleeping patterns
    * Anxiety
    * Muscle tension
    * Stress and worry

Key features:

    *  Each capsule provides 2000mg of Valerian to support a restful nights sleep
    * Helpful for individuals who have trouble getting to sleep
    * Hops, Chamomile and Passionflower have mild relaxing properties to relax a weary body
    * Plus Magnesium to assist relaxation and protect against muscle tension and discomfort

 Valerian 2000 Complex provides a blend of mild herbal sedatives to help calm and reduce nervousness and aid relaxation, especially in cases of sleep disorders. Taken at night Valerian 2000 Complex helps promote sleep and can be used during the day for its calming and relaxing effects.


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