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Balance Ultra Ripped Protein Vanilla Latte 750g

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Balance Ultra Ripped Protein is an ultra high protein, low carb and low fat powder for the ultimate lean, ripped body. It contains Whey Protein Isolate as the sole protein source with added thermogenic herb, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to assist in the release and transport of stored fat for energy. The formula includes green tea extract, caffeine, carnitine, chromium, choline, inositol and Super Citrimax® (HCA).

How can Balance Ultra Ripped Protein give me a ‘cut’ look?

This formula is designed to support maximum energy use and muscle mass with Pure Instantised WPI which is easily digested for maintaining muscle and assisting repair.

Contains Natural Thermogenics:

*Green Tea Extract to assist fat metabolism and maintain your metabolic rate.

*Caffeine to maintain mental stamina you need to perform.

*Carnitine to assist fat transport and metabolism.

*Super Citrimax® to help ensure your carbs are used for energy and not stored as fat.

*Chromium to help manage carbohydrate metabolism and the urge to snack!

*Choline and Inositol to help with fat metabolism for energy production.

*Highest quality New Zealand whey protein isolate

*Helps avoid craving for sweet foods

*Helps with appetite satisfaction

*With patented Super Citrimax® a fat metaboliser

*Supports energy

*BCAAs for lean muscle mass

*Extreme low carb and fat

*Helps support lean muscle recovery and development

What else should I know about this product?

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