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Balance Matrix 7 Milkshake Powder Vanilla Ice 1.28kg

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Balance Matrix 7 is a fantastic-tasting protein packed formula scientifically formulated to support on-going muscle growth and repair. It delivers a sustained amino acid release profile from 7 different protein sources. Taste has been an important factor in developing this formula.

Treat yourself to this fantastic, indulgent flavour, knowing that you are not compromising your carb intake goals!

How can Balance Matrix 7 support my recovery post training sessions?

Full recovery means good quality and intense training can be achieved every time.

This formula contains:

A matrix of 7 different protein sources for high protein delivery. Readily absorbed amino acids for multi-stage muscle nutrition sourced from hydrolysed whey through to slower digested sustained-release amino acids from caseinates. Added digestive enzymes to help support efficient protein digestion. Selected vitamins and minerals to support daily nutritional requirements.

A matrix of 7 protein sources for a high protein delivery

High protein, low carb with rich creamy taste

Maximise muscle growth & recovery

Multi-stage protein release for sustained muscle fuel

Take your performance to the next level

Supports recovery after training

BCAA and other amino acids for muscle growth

Uncompromised taste experience

Useful for: Tri- and team sports competitors, bodybuilders and weight-training individuals, weight and carb conscious individuals.

What else should I know about this product?

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